Peacock Butterfly

Peacock - rated the most beautiful butterfly in the world.

Welcome to the website of UK Butterfly Plants Ltd - a company set up to help preserve our endangered British butterflies, some of which are already extinct or teetering on the brink of extinction.

Many more need the help of conservation groups and others to survive.

Human activity (such as hedge removal, roadside verge maintenance and digging up meadows) has disrupted the butterflies' flight corridors and separated their colonies from each other. In-breeding within these isolated colonies has led to weak gene pools so a single virus fatal to one butterfly or caterpillar might wipe out the entire colony.

You can help make things better.

Buy butterfly friendly plants such as wild flowers (we sell individual packets of seeds) to attract and provide food for butterflies and caterpillars (optional) to your garden. By providing their favourite butterfly-friendly plants you will have the joy of seeing one of nature's finest creations at close hand and, if enough people in your neighbourhood join forces with you, you may help to open up the flight corridors between nearby colonies and strengthen their chances of survival.

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